MATRIX, curated by Tracy Ren, centers the collective learning, healing and dreaming of artists who deviate from hegemonic norms. The exhibition is an invitation to these artists to create, heal, nourish themselves and one another, dream of prospective futures, and exhibit their works without descriptive constraints or limitations.

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New Growth: Bright Futures

New Growth showcases student artwork created throughout Root Division’s free after-school Youth Education Program. This year we’re partnering with a collective of youth-centered organizations to present dynamic live performances alongside hands-on all-ages art making activities.

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20-YR Anniversary

The 20-YR Anniversary Alumni Exhibition includes an impressive selection of work in a variety of media including painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and more. The cohort of exhibiting artists represents the 20-Year history of Root Division as an incubator for emerging artists.

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A Between

A Between, curated by MUZ, explores how environments shape the perceptions and positions that guide ideas of self, connection to others, and collective activity.

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