Spell of the Senses

Presented in conjunction with TASTE 2021: Sip+Sense, Root Division’s annual culinary event, Spell of the Senses will feature artists whose work focuses on the activation of one or more of the five major physical inputs: touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. Senses act as the first layer of perception and connection to our environment and to one another. Works presented will include a range of materiality and sensory activations to re-imagine the senses as they inform how we understand our own realities.

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Join Root Division this March for MFA Revisited; a re-working of our classic biennial MFA Now exhibition. Through this exhibition we aim to provide space and bolster support for the work and growth of 18 artists who graduated from their MFA programs in 2020.


Until it Shatters

Until It Shatters is an experiment in collective uplift and co-authored curation presented in partnership with the Feminist Art Coalition and organized by Samantha Reynolds. Until It Shatters is being created in collaboration with 15 past and present Root Division Studio Artists, each seeking to break the mold, create a new system, and disrupt current modes of working in order to explore alternative routes forward.

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Diasporic Futurism was born out of the desire to showcase and celebrate emerging and established Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) artists whose work reckons with the themes of imagination, identity, place, and joy.

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New Growth

Root Division is excited to present New Growth 2020 – an annual Youth Art Exhibition + Extravaganza featuring hands-on family art making activities, alongside an exhibition of student artwork from Root Division’s free after school Youth Education Program.

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Reflections on Exile

Reflections On Exile showcases multi-disciplinary works focused on elements of identity, diaspora, migration, and resilience. Curated Jeanette Alanis, the terrain for Reflections On Exile is global in its scale as it highlights challenging elements between human and land separation.

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At the center of SIMMER are the spaces, forms, and narratives that emerge through durational process. The artwork exhibited in this group exhibition encourages viewers to sit within the work, allowing materials and conclusions to unfold and reveal themselves over time.

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Wonder: A Conversation With Wimmin

Root Division is thrilled to exhibit work by 23 artists from 9 states, representing 9 ethnicities, exploring how we define and interact with the borders that surround us. Borders, an exhibition about lines and how we cross them, includes a range of art forms such as interactive sculpture, video, photography, installation, performance, and new media.

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